Past students share some advice as the 2023-2024 year begins

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Past students offered some advise recently on the alumni social media page- we wanted to share it here too.

Jennifer Wright: c/o 95 here…my advice is just ENJOY it all. Life moves so fast and high school will be some of the most fun and memorable years of your life. It feels like just yesterday that I graduated from EHS. Not quite sure how 28 years have gone by already.

Mary Fraser: Class of 2010 here!Cherish every moment of high school! It goes by faster thank you think! Best of luck! 💙💚

Rusty Walker: Don’t think that anything about your HS experience means anything about your life trajectory. All us adults know top students that have struggled with careers and adulthood, and we know goof-offs and dropouts who have excelled. Try your best, but HS is still just the very beginning of your long life. Every second is a new second, and you can change your life in any one of them.
Chaun Teal: Get to know your teachers early on, utilizing the time to enforce lecture points; in case a need comes later, they know you (this applies to office hours post EHS)

Arjel Bautista: Don’t sweat the small stuff. And enjoy the ride, because it will be over quicker than you think.Class of 2000

Esha Petway: Keep an open mind. Try new things. Ask questions! Class of 2005

Briana Prado: Do it afraid! Don’t let fear of the unknown get in the way of having new experiences, trying new or challenging things!

Tania Hormozi: Class of 03!! Celebrating 20 years this weekend.

The one thing I’m glad I did in HS was join the clubs and tried all the activities (volleyball, ASB, Link crew, Newspaper, Choir, Show Choir, etc..) Helped me make friends in different social circles!! You will figure out what works for you more if you try them all!