What is it like to be both an EastLake Alum and a current teacher at EastLake High School?

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What is it like to be both an EastLake Alum and a current teacher at EastLake High School?  Let’s hear straight from Bryan Fischbein:

“I’ve been a part of the EastLake community for a long time! I went to EastLake Elementary as a kid, went to Rancho del Rey Middle because EastLake Middle hadn’t been built yet, and graduated from EastLake High in 2006. In 2013 I started on my path towards becoming a teacher, and though I never dreamed I’d wind up back at EastLake High as a teacher, it happened in 2015. I appreciate the last six years I’ve had as a teacher and baseball coach in this community the most!

I’ll be honest, teaching is my job and on most days, it feels like my job. I don’t really think about the fact that I’m at my own high school on a day-to-day basis, instead focusing on the important but mundane details of helping craft 176 young minds. However, there are also moments where I realize that no other teaching job in the world could possibly mean as much to me. To borrow a line from the inimitable Jauhn Hinkle, “this is MY school.” Those are MY neighbors doing the homework I assign, the siblings of MY friends working on my quizzes, MY baseball team taking the field and wearing the same E I wore on my cap not so long ago. I have a unique sense of ownership over the work I do now, and it drives not only me to give my very best, but also to make sure my students know that this isn’t just any community they are a part of, but THEIR’S; OUR’S. I’ve been a part of this community for a long time because it’s a community worth being a part of, and the best part of my job is that I get to help our students understand their role in continuing that legacy for generations to come.”

Photo Caption: Front row: Rodney Hall, Bryan Fischbein, Janine Villanueva, Vanessa Brinkman, DJ Mancillas, Back Row: Greg Johnson, Hernandez, Matt Gaughan, Trevor Angood, Mark Brickley, Brian West, Alexander Conner, Austin Legg, James Dow (not present), Ms. Villanueva, Mrs. Brinkman, Mr. Mancillas, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Gaughan, Mr. Angood, Mr. Brickley, Mr. West, and Mr. Conner. Mr. Legg and Mr. Dow not present.